Our Team:

Hugo Clarke

Hugo Clarke

Hugo Clarke was commissioned into the Scots Guards in 1990, seeing service in Germany, the First Gulf War and Northern Ireland, where he was awarded the Queen's Commendation for Bravery. Leaving the army in 1995 he joined the HALO Trust, a mine clearance charity, training and leading indigenous teams in Afghanistan and Angola. He now sits as a Member of the HALO Trust Board. On rejoining the army, he has held several appointments including running overseas training exercises outside of Europe and as Military Assistant to the General Officer Commanding in southern Iraq, where he was responsible for Operation Heritage, a project set up with the British Museum and the Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage to assess the impact of looting at archaeological sites in the south and for the construction, still ongoing, of a museum in Saddam Hussein's palace in Basra. Latterly, he commanded a Company Group in Helmand, Afghanistan and orchestrated Lessons Capture for training across the army and for military involvement in the Olympic Games. He has recently left the army and is now working on a project for the Curzon Institute to develop the understanding of the significant Commonwealth contribution during the First World War.  He is also active with the United Kingdom Blue Shield, an organisation which works to protect the world's Cultural Property threatened by armed conflict, natural and human-made disasters.

Afzal Amin

Afzal Amin has just left the British Army after 11 years of service. A commissioned officer and graduate of Sandhurst, Afzal has been recently employed as a strategist in Kabul focused on Conflict Termination and Peace Building.


Hamish MacInnes

Hamish MacInnes is a recent graduate from Durham University where he studied Arabic, Politics and Spanish. He has previously worked for Quantum magazine, a flagship publication of The Qatar Financial Services Authority as a researcher on Middle Eastern financial issues, and as a researcher for the Environmental Agency. He has a keen interest in Middle Eastern history and current affairs and has travelled extensively throughout this region, including Pakistan, Syria and Egypt, where he studied at the International Language Institute for 6 months. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music and sport.